Types of Driving Licenses in Abu Dhabi

Getting a license in Abu Dhabi comes with a lot of advantages. Once you get your driving license, it will be easier for you to drive without facing legal complications. However, you must clear the driving test first. There are different types of driving in Abu Dhabi. Make sure to get ideas to understand the specific requirements of the same

There are basically eight categories of driving licenses in Abu Dhabi this can include.

•      Category 1 for motorcycles

•      Category 2 for cars

•      Category 3 for light vehicles

•      Category 4 for heavy drugs

•      Category 5 for many buses

•      Category 6 for heavy buses

•      Category 7 for forklifts

•      Category 8 for shovels

The eligibility criteria for it all differ greatly. So, it is important that you inquire about the same in advance and then go ahead with the application process. Besides, there is a requirement to renew your driving license from time to time which generally can be between 5 to 10 years. So, make sure you get a proper understanding.

Know How to Get a Driving license in Abu Dhabi for the First Time?

A resident or someone above 18 years old can apply for a driving license in Abu Dhabi. You will first receive a probationary license which will be converted to permanent once you turn 21. Remember, the age requirement for a different type of driving license varies. For instance, the driving instructor license will have different requirements than that of a motorcycle driving license.

Here are the process details

• You must register at a good driving school to begin the course.

• Go ahead with eye testing at a driving Institute or clinic to get the reports.

• You will have to start with the learner's format or a temporary license. When done with the theoretical course, you need to take the internal assessment by the institute. After the practical classes, there will be an internal assessment which will include a generic driving and parking test.

•  Once everything is completed, you must give your final assessment and apply for the test.

• The examiner will accompany you on the final day of your testing. Only on clearing the test do you get your driving license.


Documents Required for Driving License Test

When it comes to the requirement for a driving license in Abu Dhabi, it is important that you are aware of the same. This will make it easy for you and guarantee you can get the approval fast. The driving institute you have joined will help you understand the essentials for an easy process.

There is not much required when it comes to that documentation, but the most basic thing for the person is to be of the right age.

The list here specifies the documents that will be required for your driving license in Abu Dhabi .

Passport size photo

•  A visa photocopy of valid Abu Dhabi residency

•  Emirates ID

•  Original photo and a photocopy of the passport

•  NOC from the sponsor or employer

•  Photocopy and original foreign driving licens

When submitting the documentation for your driving license, make sure that the copy of your residency visa has at least six months of validity. You will be asked to pay a total cost of AED 250 for the entire process. It takes a maximum of 5 days to complete the entire procedure and get the driving license.

If there is an issue, then you can connect with the associated personnel or body to understand the requirements for a driving license in Abu Dhabi.

What Is the Initial Driving Assessment Test?

Once you have decided to get a driving license, there will be an initial assessment before you actually go for the final testing. This will be done by the driving institute where you are learning how to drive. This will include everything from theoretical knowledge, to the practical knowledge, and even an eye test for a driving license in Abu Dhabi. Only when you have successfully cleared the test can you go ahead with the final test. This is why it is extremely important to pay attention to every step and clear it well. With this, the process will be easier, and you will get positive outcomes.

Estimated Driving License Cost in Abu Dhabi

here are a lot of requirements that a person has to fulfill to get a driving license in Abu Dhabi. Besides providing the documents, you also have to pay a compulsory fee for the same. The cost of a driving license in Abu Dhabi is not high. You will be asked to pay about AED 250 to get your driving license the first time. Remember, when there is a need for renewable service or an international driving license, the cost can differ greatly. Enquiring about things in advance will be helpful for you. It will help you understand the details that you must be aware of.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting a Driving license in UAE

Getting a driving license is not difficult. There are not many requirements for the same. Even if you are unaware of the same, you can simply look for requirements for a driving license. The process usually takes about 2 to 5 days to complete. Understanding eligibility criteria and other essentials are the key to getting approval on the first attempt. Make sure that you trust a good driving institute to get assistance with the same. If you are unaware, then the list will provide you with clear information. This will guarantee you stay prepared.

• The person must be at least 17 years of age during the application process

• For light vehicles and cars, the age limit is 18 years

• For buses, the age limit is 21 years

•  While for tractors and heavy vehicles, the age limit is 20 years

Anyone physically and mentally fit can apply for a driving license in Abu Dhabi. They just have to be of legal age during the time of application.

What Is an International Driving License (IDL)?

Those who visit Abu Dhabi frequently for travel will enjoy the benefits of having an international driving license. This will give the person the allowance to drive their favorite vehicle on the road without getting into any legal trouble. One must understand there is a major difference between a regular driving license and an international driving license. After all, the international driving license will permit you to drive a vehicle in any country worldwide. It is important that you apply for the same in advance, or you can even choose to go ahead with the process in Abu Dhabi itself.

There are not many requirements for getting approval for an international driving license. However, understanding the same will be helpful to avoid any complications and get approval first. Further, with an international driving license, it will be easy for the person to rent the desired vehicle they want to enjoy on their trip to Abu Dhabi.Besides offering you the benefit in a foreign country as a tourist, it also acts as an identity document. The best part is that international driving permits can easily be obtained offline and online.

How to Apply for an International Driving license in UAE?

When planning to apply for an international driving license, one must be aware of the entire process and the ways you have to get approval for the same. You can either go ahead with the online or offline process. However, you must know that the offline process will be a lot faster. You will require a downloaded form of the application along with essential documents for applying for the driving license.

Also, you must have a driving license that indicates one year of experience as a licensed driver. For your offline process, you will have to visit the RTA office or the nearby post office. Once you have submitted the document along with the compulsory fees, your documents will be analyzed, and there is a possibility that you will be getting the driving license within an hour.

When you choose to apply for the driving license online, the process will take about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. After all, every document will be analyzed properly before you are provided a driving license in Abu Dhabi. To apply online, you must visit the RTA official website, provide all the required documentation, and pay the compulsory fees for the same.

Requirements for an International Driving license in Abu Dhabi

If you plan to visit Abu Dhabi, it will be helpful to get yourself an international driving license. Research on the requirements for a driving license in Abu Dhabi will be helpful for you to get clear insights about the same. Make sure you keep all the documentation ready so the process will be hassle-free and you will complete the approval process quickly. The list here specifies the requirements of the same.

• You need to have an IDL form which can be downloaded from the ATCUAE website.

• You must have your original passport and a copy of the same

• You need to have two passport-size photos

• You must have an original Emirates ID and a copy of the same

• Make sure you are ready with your national driving license and its copy.

You can start the process either offline or online. But remember, the offline process is going to be quite faster. So considering it will be helpful for you.

Estimated International Driving License UAE Cost

When applying for an international driving license in UAE, you must know the required cost and other essentials. As far as the application process is concerned, you can easily complete the form, fill it up either online or offline and submit the documents. But besides this, there is a requirement for you to pay a fee of AED 170 + VAT.

It is to be paid by every applicant irrespective of the final decision. But remember, the cost here can vary greatly depending on your nationalism and other factors. Generally, a major cost of the driving license fees will go into the classes. This becomes important when you have to show documents proving that you have got experience in driving. With proper research about the documentation, you can avoid such hassle and guarantee the process is easy for you.

An international driving license in UAE will provide you with a lot of advantages. Although the driving license remains valid for just one year, you will be able to enjoy your time to the best of your ability. Remember to renew it before expiry to avoid any legal complications. Also, make sure to follow all the rules of the same to ensure a safe experience during your stay in UAE.

International Driving License Valid Countries List for UAE

An international driving license is an agreement between countries that allows the residents of one country to drive a vehicle in another country without possessing a local driving license. When in UAE, you will have the option to drive your favorite vehicle without actually worrying about getting an international driving license in Abu Dhabi. The list here specifies the name of the countries that are eligible for it.

• GCC countries  • Austria     • Denmark      • Australia     • Belgium   • Ireland    • Canada  • Finland   • Greece  • France   • Netherland  • Germany    • Italy

• New Zealand   • Japan   • Poland  • Norway   • Portugal  • South Africa   • Manya  • South Korea   • UK   • Spain   • USA  • Switzerland   •Sweden  • Turkey

Abu Dhabi Driving License Road Test Tips

Once you have successfully completed your driving lessons for the driving license, you must get prepared for the final day. Even if you are a beginner or experienced, getting professional lessons will be helpful for you to get the confidence boost you require for handling the vehicle on the road properly and clearing the test in one go. However, in most cases, people generally get worried, due to which the results can be negative. The list states the tips that will guarantee positive outcomes for you.

• Make sure to complete your entire driving lessons.

• Try practicing on the route for your driving test in advance. This will help you get confidence.

• Stay focused on the road and avoid panicking.

• Following the traffic rules during your test is extremely important.

• Make sure to stay calm and confident on your exam day.

Where Can I Get an Eye Test for a Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

The eye test happens to be one of the most important parts of the driving license exam. It is conducted during the initial stage either by the driving school or by a third-party center. This gives the assurance that you have got good eyesight and you are capable of driving a vehicle on the road.

The eye test for a driving license in Abu Dhabi is extremely important. After all, the government takes proper measures to maintain the safety of both the driver and others on the road. You will be charged a compulsory amount of AED 100 for your eye test.

You have to visit the Drivers and Vehicles license Department along with the record documentation for the eye test. It will take about 5 to 6 minutes to complete the process. Clearing the test is extremely important if you want a driving license. The test will remain valid for one year. So you will be able to renew your license within a year of taking the eye test. The eligibility requirement for different driving licenses differs greatly. So it will be helpful if you enquire about the test results in advance and know at what percent you will be able to get clearance for your driving test.