What is the Total Cost of a UAE Driving License?

Driving freely on the roads of Abu Dhabi will be a great experience. You will be able to enjoy a smooth ride. You can even try to rent out your favorite vehicle to enjoy a great time with your partner or even alone. However, for this, you must have a valid driving license. Remember you must know the eligibility criteria and the regulations for the driving license meant for international travelers and the residents differs greatly. Thus, it is important that you get the license before you choose to get on the road.

Generally, people worry about the cost that will be required to complete the licensing process. But once you know the details, you need not have to worry about anything. The process will be hassle-free. You just have to stay prepared and be confident about giving the test. It will help you get your driving license in no time.

Cost of driving license

Before you actually move to know about the cost, it is important to understand that you can only apply for a driving license in Abu Dhabi when you are 17 years old. The age is applicable for motorcycles. To drive light vehicles and cars, you need to be 18 years old. Make sure that you have got all the required documentation during the application process to complete it in an easy way.

Remember, requirements for a driving license in Abu Dhabi are a lot different for different vehicle types and age groups. So make sure you are clear about it all before you start with the process. Generally, you will see that the cost of getting a driving license will differ from Emirates to Emirates. But mostly the cost will be between AED 4500 to AED 7000. It will include the cost of the driving school along with the eye test and documentation which will be required to complete the process.

Those who wish to apply for a driving license might get worried seeing the cost, but one needs to know that it includes the cost of all the essentials you will have to take care of before you can apply for the job. This is especially important when you are taking driving classes. After all, the cost of driving lessons can be quite expensive and can vary from one Institute to another.

Besides the application, one must also stay aware of Abu Dhabi driving license renewal costs. Remember, you have to renew your driving license every ten years so that you will be able to continue to drive your vehicle on the road to Abu Dhabi. Similarly, the cost of an international driving license will be different. When you research it all in advance, you will have a proper idea so you will not face any complications during the process.

The essentials to apply for a driving test

Once you have decided to apply for a driving license, it is important to stay aware of the right process so that it is completed easily.

•      To begin with, it is important that you complete your driving license from a registered school in the prescribed amount of time. It is quite essential to know that you have got the necessary skills to manage the vehicle properly on the road.

•      Now, you need to open a traffic file with the registered driving center. This will vary depending on your Emirate.

•      You also need to get your eye test done by an optician who has been approved by the traffic department or at least the driving school where you are taking the lessons.

•      When you have been learning to drive, you will be asked to give a theoretical driving test. It helps get a clear idea about the traffic rules and the other questions that can be asked during the final test.

•      Once you are prepared, the school will take a practice test to boost your confidence

•      Only when you clear it will you be able to get a learner's permit to take the road test.

•      You must schedule the road test by providing all the necessary documentation. Once you are able to clear the road test, you will be able to get your driving license from the traffic authority. Remember it will include both practical and theoretical examination

No doubt, getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi will be a long process. So you need to stay prepared for it. Remember you will have to give both theoretical and practical exams, so make sure that your knowledge is up to the mark and you can clear your examination in your one attempt. After all, there are not many chances provided.

So better search for the license in Abu Dhabi and inquire about all the essentials in advance. When you have got all the documentation prepared and the final fees of the same, you need not have to worry about anything. You will be able to start the process and get your driving license as soon as possible. Just make sure you are confident enough before the final day so that you have a better chance of getting positive results. Confidence here is the key to achieving the best.

Trust a good company

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